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Kitchen trends are always changing, and it can be hard to keep up. From splashbacks to the open vs closed planned kitchen debate, your space needs to be stylish yet practical. So, what do the experts suggest you steer clear of this year 2022?

Here are our Kitchen Trends to Avoid in 2022

  1. Open planned

Whilst a few years back open panned kitchens were all the rave, the modern kitchen trend has lacked popularity this year due to its failing simplicity to separate cooking and dining space. ‘Zoning’ considers the size of each space and divides the kitchen into these distinct areas. But why the sudden change you may ask? With more people working from home the last few years, it has become so important to have defined spaces, especially creating a quiet and more private kitchen area, hence the avoidance of open planned kitchens.

  1. Bright patterns

Patterns on splashbacks or tiles can add an artistic element but only if installed correctly with proper kitchen design consultation. Too many patterns or patterns with ultra-bright colours can make your kitchen look busy and loud, which is the opposite atmosphere you should be creating for your kitchen space.

  1. Brass features

A feature of many Instagram kitchen accounts that are very aesthetically pleasing are the brass features such as taps and door handles. But how practical are they for your kitchen? Whilst this may be a sign of luxury, it can often look tacky and need replacing multiple times a year. Instead, opt for a matte black for these features.

  1. All white kitchens

You’ve probably heard before that white kitchens are the way to go and they brighten up the space. However, all-white kitchens have started to become a design flaw with many elements of the kitchen fading due to the lack of colour and tone. Rather, pick colours that stand out from the average and bring you joy.

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