Made to measure Summer house (NOT ONLY SUMMER)

Do you intend to keep your summer home open all year?
Do you wish to utilize your summer house as a man-cave, for example?
It is critical to insulate your summer house so that it remains comfortable all year.
You can opt to fully insulate your summer house or simply the floor, roof, or walls.

Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your garden office. Whether you’ll be working hard or enjoying some downtime. Whatever the reason, both our wooden garden offices and WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) office pods are fully insulated, allowing you to use them all year-round.

In addition to that, our log cabin offices offer more variety, styles and insulated options. You can choose between adding insulation to your log office or opt-in for one of our fully insulated home office log cabins.

Despite the name our summer houses are an excellent outdoor building, no matter the time of the year – including winter. Speaking of the colder months, if you’re planning to use your summer house throughout the coldest season of the year, then it’s definitely worth considering summer house insulation.

It will likely be uncomfortable to work in a garden building or even spend a great deal of time in there, when the weather is simply too cold. To make the most of your summer house on a cold, crisp wintry day, read on to find out how you can keep your summer house warm and cosy during the winter

How our Summer houses can be used :

  • Garden Storage – As with many garden buildings, summer houses makes an excellent storage solution for your garden needs, as well as for your outdoor furniture, toys and bikes.
  • Workshop – Most summer houses are designed with larger windows, meaning that they can provide you with the right amount of space to install workbenches and racks to keep your gardening/craft tools safely organised.
  • Outdoor Dining –  Fill your summer house with a comfy dining set, paired with fun decorations, and enjoy your new outdoor dining experience!
  • Garden Office – Who would have thought that a summer house hidden away at the bottom of your garden could be used as an idyllic location to do your work? Include a sturdy desk with a comfy desk chair and working from home may have never been easier!

Made with quality materials and following excellent standards, our garden building collection, including our wide variety of summer houses, are offered at extremely reasonable prices.

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