Insulated summer house-Be ready for cold season

Made to measure Summer house (NOT ONLY SUMMER) Do you intend to keep your summer home open all year?Do you wish to utilize your summer house as a man-cave, for example?It is critical to insulate your summer house so that it remains comfortable all year.You can opt to fully insulate

Awkward living room layout with fireplace

At EEV, we love helping our customers take on the many challenges of interior design. The most common room our customers struggle with? The living room. Since they’re usually at the top of the list in terms of rooms to decorate, we’ve encountered our fair share of awkward living room

So expensive for this job?

A customer asked me how much it cost to do this job….I answered him: £1500He said: So expensive for this job?I asked: How much do you think it would cost you?He answers me: £800 maximum… That’s a pretty simple job right? !”- For £800 I invite you to do it