Best Bathroom Renovation Trends Right Now

2022 has been a year that has redefined bathroom design. From marble accents to plant decorations, there are so many new innovative ways to refresh your bathroom space. We have spoken to interior experts on how anyone, no matter size or budget, can jump on these trends and alter the most popular bathroom trends right now to suit you.


Marble slabs, tiles, and accents around your bathroom has been on trend for a few years now but remains as popular as ever. The white stone brightens up the room creating an illusion that increases the space you have. Accents on door handles, taps and shower heads also can add an extra uniqueness to your bathroom, truly making the space yours.


Bring the nature inside by adding plenty of greenery to your bathroom design. By incorporating real or fake plants to this space it instantly adds an air of serenity to your bathroom and will allow you to completely relax.


Another on trend accessories for your bathroom renovation is to invest in a waterfall shower. Whilst these are on the expensive side, customers rave about this luxury style of shower. Whether you need an invigorating dip to wake you up in the morning, or a relaxing soak in the evening, waterfall showers is definitely a trend to invest in.

Dark colours

You may have noticed by now there is a running theme for these 2022 trends; that being designed to mimic the atmosphere of a spa. The calming nature of the materials, the imitation of the great outdoors through the use of plants, and showers that mimic the rainforest. But why not starkly oppose this by adding a splash of a dark blue or black to achieve a more rustic and industrial feel. Experts suggest this décor aesthetic will be the trend of the future.