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A bespoke summer house must be extremely expensive, surely? Not when you choose us! We deliver direct to your home, cutting out the middleman, allowing us to offer you the best price. We offer a wide range of beautiful summer houses and you can also choose a custom-made summer house.
The advantages of a bespoke summer house compared to choosing an existing model are very convincing. First, you can get creative and let your own design ideas flow into the custom built garden summer house. In addition, everyone has different requirements for their summer house: you get to decide, for instance, where exactly you’d like to have the doors and windows
By creating your own bespoke summer house you can also create a special atmosphere and ensure that it fits your garden, and its style, perfectly.

At Eev Company, we pride ourselves on crafting beautiful bespoke summer houses that are designed to meet you and your lifestyle needs. 
For bespoke summer houses built from scratch, please send us your requirements, specifications and/or pictures of your dream summer house and we will work closely with you to craft a summer building exactly how you envisioned it.  
Otherwise under this section you can find some templates that we would like to show you as a reference. Whether it be the size, door position, cladding, framing, felt or adding optional extras, you’re in complete control of your personalised summer house design.Only thing that you need to do is : Contact us now!